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Vegemania, 2006

"Following the critical acclaim of her first publication, "Vegemania" by Mohana Gill was released in the third quarter of 2006 to stores nationwide. Launched in November 2006 with a discreet function at the Crowne Mutiara Hotel in Kuala Lumpur this book is a natural companion to Fruitastic.

Globally, vegetarianism is on the rise, no longer exclusive to parts of Asia and the Indian subcontinent. This “green” revolution has taken place subtly over decades and continues to gather momentum, its pace quickening into the twenty first century. Today the growth of vegetarianism is a matter of choice, primarily a decision based on health. Vegemania is a most timely publication, one that seeks to address the growing health market and providing an innovative approach to the culinary arts.

The assortment of vegetables available from the markets of Malaysia to the bazaars of Turkey and beyond is bewildering, and these vegetables present themselves with descriptive expression in hues of green, red, yellow and an unrelenting riot of colors. The rich colors and textures of vegetables nourish and protect the human body from not only common diseases and illness but are a defense against infection as they bolster our immune system and fortify our body’s defenses. Packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients they combine to offer us nature’s miracle antioxidants, far more potent than any single medication and completely without side effects.

With the nutritional choices we make today we reap the benefits far into the future. The choice to increase the intake of vegetables is a life choice, an affirmation for a future free of disease and ill health. This book extends its commitment to health by ensuring that in every recipe only the healthiest ingredients and cooking methods are employed. This guarantees that the goodness contained within every vegetable, and wherever possible in the combinations, augment the curative and restorative powers latent within each vegetable.

Contained in this delightful book is an array of sparkling facts and anecdotes relating to the realm of vegetables and their associates in nutrition. The book is further animated with luscious pictures of fresh produce and its accompaniments with information on herbs and spices that awaken the senses and inspire the palate.

Most epicureans believe that vegetarian cooking is staid and uninspiring. By elevating the stature of the mighty vegetable to its rightful place this book demonstrates that cooking with vegetables can be exciting, and with imagination the variety of styles and tastes of these preparations are unlimited.

“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything”
Arabian Proverb

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Fruitastic – For healthy living, longevity and wellness, 2005

Description: Nature's true gift to humankind, fruits not only have immeasurable therapeutic value, they are also delicious, powerful natural anti-ageing tools whose importance to our daily diet cannot be understated.

Fruitastic is a timely compendium of wonderful recipes that will enchant and delight novice fruit-eaters and seasoned 'fruitarians' alike. This treasure trove of beverages, sorbets, soups, salsas, main courses, jams and desserts will provide hours of discovery into new ways of preparing and eating fruit.

Fruitastic was awarded the prestigous Gourmand World Cookbook Awards prize for the categories, "Best Single Subject Cookbook" and "Best health and Nutrition Cookbook" for 2006. Mohana Gill be be in Beijing in April 2007 to collect her award.

Fruitastic is published and distributed in Malaysia by MPH Group Publishing and is available nationwide at MPH stores.

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